Monthly Archives: October 2017

Cleaning ladies, dogs, smoking, beer

more pain

just lost what i was typing

now i really want to kill the cleaning lady.

she started bossing me around. she was in the kitchen when i went in.

starts talking to me in portuguese like i fucking understand.

tells me to come have breakfast.

then the fucking dog comes up and puts his paws on my leg

these fucking people and their fucking “pets”

they like birds, so they capture them and lock them up in cages.

they like dogs so they put them on chains and locked them up in their houses and yards.

humans really disgust me

i hate this cleaning lady so god damn much.

she gets the fucking floor wet so i cant walk on it barefoot

she likes to control things here

she did wash my shirts ayer though but then left the close outside and they all got wet in the rain

the two parents smoke.

do children need cigarettes, beer, jewlerly? no no no!

do they need to meditate? no. do yoga. no.

sorry fg. but they dont

it is unnatural. kids naturally run around. climb on things. want to talk. not sit and meditate. lol

they want to do something productive. they want to make a contribution, to help. to learn, to grow. to feel challenged.

we have to start with kids. not with sick adults

so i was writing about uruguayans and brazilians

they say things like

it’s complicated


its not easy

i get so sick of this kind of talk….

so the cleaning lady kept trying to talk to me. not respecting my need for silence. independence. not even having any clue humans have those needs.

parents last night were watching some novella when i came in. like the people in that little village in peru. where odalis lived. she was too smart for them…